Date Event Location Results
April 16th E1 FA
April 30th Novice School FA
May 5-7 CAM/Extreme Challenge FA
May 28th E2 FA
June 18th E3 Charity Event FA
August 13th E4 FA
September 3rd E5 FA
September 17th E6 FA
October 1st E7 FA
October 15th E8 FA

FA- Family Arena, St. Charles, MO

About Solo

Solo (AKA Autocross) is a test of driving skill and the car’s agility in which one car at a time is driven over a clearly defined course, the elapsed time and penalties for course deviations being the determining factor for awards. Most Solo events take place in large parking lots, with the course defined by orange pylons. Speeds are limited and the hazards to spectators and participants do not usually exceed those encountered in normal, legal highway driving. Competitors range from the casual participant who may use the same daily driver that they car-pool with to the hard-core driver who has a dedicated car and special tires to squeak out every last fraction of a second. In between the extremes, there are levels and classes for different degrees of car modification. Whatever your driving level or car – there is a place for you in SCCA Solo! Contact us or come to our next event to get started!

How To Get Started

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